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Very Fast. Surprisingly Capable. Extremely Reliable.


We operate specially-modified and upgraded former Swiss Air Force Mk.58 Hunter Aircraft.

"This model served in Switzerland from 1960 through 1996. Due to the nature of Swiss Air Force operations and the small size of the country, these aircraft have acquired a remarkably low number of flying hours for their age. Throughout their service, the superior standard of care received by these aircraft is as high as could be expected from anything Swiss.

The Hunter is a transonic aircraft with a maximum speed of 600 knots with fuel tanks, a ceiling of 42000 feet and a maximum operating weight of 25000 pounds. The Mk.58 is the export version of the Mark 6 Hawker Hunter that was operated by Royal Air Force. It is a single seat fighter with hydraulically operated flight controls and a Rolls Royce Avon 200 series axial flow gas turbine engine developing 10150 pounds of static thrust.

Our Hunters are IFR-certified and have been upgraded with various cockpit modifications, including dual Global Positioning Systems and an Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator with moving maps. This provides the pilot with tremendous situational awareness about his position and all aircraft, ships and targets within the operating area. With up to 2 UHF and 3 VHF radios, as well as a TACAN, the Hunters smoothly blend into any military operation. Furthermore, they can operate with Radar Warning Receivers, chaff/flare dispensers and are capable of carrying the latest Electronic Warfare and tracking pods as well as live-fire target towing reels.

The Hunters do not require any external ground support equipment, are normally configured for missions with 4 external fuel tanks plus any combination of electronic warfare and/or tracking pods. Depending on the mission profiles, this normally permits between 1.5 and 2.5 hours of on-station training time, plus the transit to and from the training area.

The Hunters provide an exceptional combination of high speed, long endurance and potential configurations. Flown by experienced former fighter pilots, the Hunters offer the ultimate capability and flexibility to satisfy the various training requirements of all branches of the armed forces.